The ANCHOR© system for ligamentary sutures  is intended for the repair and for the reinsertion of tendons and ligaments after rupture or surgical debridement.


The most frequent indications of the system ANCHOR© are - for example- the repair of the rotator cuff, or of the Achilles' tendon, or the reinsertions of the meniscus.


The ANCHOR system © was designed for an easy, fast and precise implantation step, while allowing for a high pull-out resistance. Each anchor is presented with its sterile and single-use instrumentation which allows the impaction and the screwing of the anchor in one step.


The ANCHOR© devices are self-perforating, self-tapping, and pre-fitted with two suture threads in polyester, each positioned in an independent eyelet to prevent the mutual blocking of the threads. ANCHOR© is a comprehensive system which includes:


  • an anchoring device of Ø2.8, Ø3.5 or Ø5mm to be adapted to the implantation site, made of titanium alloy TA6V according ISO5832-3
  • 2 high resistance suture threads made of threaded polyester according NFS94-167
  • one single-use screwdriver pre-fitted with the 2 sutures and the anchor